Two Releases Coming This Summer!

Pleased to announce the soon to be released pair of collections of classics from the Skatenigs discography. This is going to make available songs for streaming and other platforms that have have not been available. Expect vinyl for these two this summer 2019. Thanks to Billy Bishop at Leona Gallery for the art work!

Huge SXSW Announcement!!!!

Phil Owen producer, dj, songwriter and vocalist presents an official SXSW showcase consisting of bands that he has handpicked to make for a unique and most interesting evening of cutting edge music from around the world. David Boring from Hong Kong starts off the event with their raw punk vision followed by Esther Black the west coasts cold wave contingency. Veteran industrialists and former Invisible Records artist Project 44 take the stage next. Phil Owen brings his own industrial punk vision to stage next in the form of Skatenigs, a band known for their stage performances. Pigface singer Curse Mackey launches his solo performance around midnight. And last but not least, the world premiere of Black Needle Noise the vision and produce of John Fryer the man behind This Mortal Coil. His production credits are a very long list with everything from Nine Inch Nails, Jesus Mary Chain, Depeche Mode to Love and Rockets and just about anything that ever came out on the 4AD label. For this event singer extraordinaire Betty X will front Black Needle Noise. And for a cherry on top of the icing on top of the proverbial cake we are happy to say that the events MC will be Mr. Martin Atkins himself! So there is that! And if that isn’t enough, Wax Trax Records has contributed prizes to be given away to promote the DVD/Blu Ray release of the film Industrial Accident!

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New Years in San Antonio with the Skatenigs!

Skatenigs are thrilled to celebrate the last day of their 30th anniversary with the Alamo City. Our friends Flametrick Subs will be there for support to help celebrate one more year above the ground! Special prizes, merchandise giveaways as well as one of a kind treats will be available. Also on site will be a punk rock flea market! Contact us now about reserving your space before it runs out. *Just added an all Revolting Cocks dj set by Phildo! Something for all of you gutter punk heavy metal industrial rivetheads!

We need your vote

Skatenigs want your vote!
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2018 is year of the Skatenigs let it be known!

New version of “Chemical Imbalance” for free!

Here is our gift to you, a revision of the classic “Chemical Imbalance” with special guest Paul Raven(RIP) of Killing Joke, Ministry, Prong amongst others. Celebrate his life and our re-emergence by downloading the track “Self Medicated” using the following link:

New Skatenigs featuring Paul Raven

Skatenigs Sound System are in the studio at the Mosaic Sound Collective going into mix mode with a new Skatenigs track. “Self Medicated “ features a legacy recording of Paul Raven(Killing Joke, Prong and Ministry) on bass guitar. It is a complete revision of Chemical Imbalance and one of two rewrites that be be released alongside multiple remixes from special guests. This yet to be titled collection will be released in 2019. #rippaulraven




Skatenings remix Primitive Race

Skatenigs Sound System a collaboration of Phil Owen and Chris Ahrens are pleased to announce the completion of their first outside project for Primitive Race on Metropolis Records. The song “Take It All” has been rearranged, destroyed and reconstructed by the production duo. Please send all remix inquiries to as the team lock the doors on another project and venture back into the depths at Mosaic Sound Collective to put their stamp on another project.

Skatenigs Live from Austin 5/25/2018

Check out Skatenigs live video from Elysium in Austin on May 25, 201. Beer Steers & Queers. Click the title to watch.

Skatenigs skateboard deck!

Order now as there are only 20 available on this “first run.” Thanks Lee Leal and Embassy Skateboards! #texaspride…/skatenigs-skateboard-deck

We’re back!

Welcome to the new Skatenigs website! Lot’s of new things coming soon, so keep a look out!