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“Shut up and listen…!” Welcome to! What you are surfing now is “new and improved” page – run and maintained by Doug Moeller, Sven Gjuček and Phil Owen (of mighty SKATENiGS) himself! Of course, it was not always this easy…

The first, one and only, and also very unofficial SKATENiGS page saw its on-line birth on vast World Wide Web on October 29th, 2001. It was put together and ran solely by Sven Gjurček – SKATENiGS fan and music enthusiast from Croatia (Europe), and at first year(s) of pages’ existence, it was housed on servers.

So one day fellow SKATENiGS fan, Mr. Doug Moeller from USA contacted Sven and asked to transfer the page to domain he owned, but not used. Thrilled, Sven accepted. Doug then took to page maintenance and also added forums on the page, and they were rather active for some time, gathering SKATENiGS fans from all around the world.

The old page was not updated for some time (many years, in fact), but with SKATENiGS being re-activated, the time was right to do the same with the page! This time, the maintenance involves both Doug and Sven, with active involvement and updates from Mr. Owen as well! The time has come for SKATENiGS to be unleashed upon the world – looking forward to the future – “makin’ life livable!”

A word from Sven Gjurček or “How I got into it, and the story so far…”

I got into SKATENiGS kind of late. That is; pretty late. Right at the beginning of a new 2000 era! A new century. Of course, I’ve heard of their existence, but I never really got the chance to listen to them. Aggravating circumstance was me being from Zagreb (Croatia, Europe), YouTube was still to be invented some 5 years later, and there was no chance for me to actually HEAR the band. But fate decided for me to stumble upon their “Loudspeaker” and “What a mangled web we leave” records in a little obscure local second-hand shop. So I bought them both. And I was blown away by the sonic attack on my senses. Lyrically wise part song/part rapped messages with crunching guitars, awesome rhythm section and various samples put together for good measure! And besides, when I red in an review that their smart lyrics were compared to the ones from SUICIDAL TENDENCIES (being my favorite band), I knew these guys are up to challenge! So as one would expect, I looked up for them on the internet, just to find nothing at all! Well, except in those on-line cd stores, and in “All music guide”, the information I found on the internet were less than nothing. That confused me… How could it be, that such an awesome band got no media attention and World Wide Web coverage at all?! Well, it just could be because of the fact that they exist no more, but still… No homepage on the net?! So, using my artistic skills, my good will, and my new found love for this band, I decided to make one on my own!

And as they say – the rest is history…

Site Credits

Phil Owen is the vocalist & producer for all things Skatenigs.

Sven Gjurček is an illustrator and graphic/product/interior designer from Zagreb, Croatia. He is creative force behind his brand heARTcore. Click here to visit heARTcore. page.

Doug Moeller is the code monkey for the site.

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