About Us

Phil Owen Chris Ahrens Chris Gates
Vocals, DJ & Producer Guitar & Programming Guitar
Bradley Bills Adam Lamar Myke Bingham
Drums & Programming Guitar Bass Guitar

The Skatenigs rose at the beginning of the 90’s from the midst of Austin, Texas hard-core scene by way of a conceptual idea entertained by Al Jourgensen of Ministry. They were a band of white, skating rappers, initially created to fill the support slot for Ministry. The original line-up featured Phil Owen on vocals, Billy Jackson and Chris Chambers sharing guitar duties, Lance Von Moulder playing bass, and Keith Daily on drums. The lead singer Phil Owen (a.k.a. Phildo) sang on the now legendary Revolting Cocks’ “Beers, Steers and Queers” and Chris Chambers worked on remixed version of the same track. The band supported the Revolting Cocks on their tour and gained huge success with their first single; “Chemical Imbalance” released in 1991, which also featured a spoken word by Lorri Jackson, a well-regarded Chicago poet. Shortly after, the “Loudspeaker” single was released in 1992. In the same year the Skatenigs recorded their first full length album, “Stupid People Shouldn’t Breed”, which contained both singles.

After some personnel changes, Skatenigs surfaced with their second album, “What A Mangled Web We Leave”. The release followed after the “Regret” single, and also introduced Wendy Nelson on keyboards. They were both recorded somewhere in the 1994. So far, only these two full-length albums were released before constant personnel changes and failure to achieve commercial success fragmented the band.

After sorting through the rubble, Phil Owen, Mat Mitchell and Chris Gates forged a new alliance and endeavor called Choreboy. Three angry bald guys and a drum machine contributed to a mutual love and a punk rock project was born. “Good Clean Fun… My Ass” came out in 1997 on Triple X Records and was supported by a European Tour. Other participants included Gibby Haynes, who also produced the album, Pete Lee of X-Cops and GWAR fame, Mike Derks of GWAR, Terry Bones of Discharge, Broken Bones and UK Subs, Sean of Dynamite Boy, Robbie Jacks who played Leatherface in Texas Chainsaw Massacre (where Skatenigs’ “I Got It Made” was featured) and many more.

In the Snow Black years 1999 to 2006, which were intended to be a solo project for Phildo, but would later be released as “Adult Entertainment for Kids”, released Halloween 2016. Prior to its release a peppering of shows were played in 2011 and 2012 with Mike Scaccia (Rigor Mortis and Ministry) and Casey Orr (GWAR and Rigor Mortis) to pay legal fees for Phildo’s defense fund. Homeless and miserable, Phildo found his way to recovery in 2015 – with the other options being death or jail. In 2016 he would release “Adult Entertainment for Kids” after being kept under wraps for years.

2018 has presented the 30th anniversary for Skatenigs worldwide. Teaming back up with Chris Gates and adding Myke Bingham, Adam Lamar, Chris Ahrens and the uber talented drummer from CHANT project Bradley Bills (KMFDM, TKK and Die Krupps) to the fold. Events are ongoing in the States currently and plan to go global in 2020.