Skatenigs 2021

From their Los Angeles beginnings in 1989, electro-thrashcore heroes Skatenigs – led by long-standing founder/singer Phil “Phildo” Owen – has been the loud, noisy voice of hedonistic rebellion. They’ve stood at the nexus of outlaw culture for over 30 years now: Punk, hardcore, metal, industrial, hip hop and the reddest-necked country – it’s all been grist for their grinder. It’s how Owen got headhunted for Ministry mainman Al Jourgensen’s rowdy party band Revolting Cocks, leading to absorption into the sprawling Wax Trax Records empire and the creation of such classics as “Chemical Imbalance” and “Beers, Steers and Queers.” Following their relocation to Austin, TX. in the early ‘90s, and a migration to Megaforce Records, came crucial debut album Stupid People Shouldn’t Breed. After a lengthy hiatus, which saw scattered Phil Owen side projects such as Choreboy and the occasional Skatenigs reunion, our heroes reemerged in 21st century form with 2016’s Adult Entertainment For Kids. 2021 sees the fifth Skatenigs LP, What Could Go Wrong? on Armalyte Industries. Featuring the current core Skatenigs crew of Owen, Chris Ahrens and Adam Lamar on guitars, and live drummer/studio bassist Myke Bingham (Owen: “He’s a one-man rhythm section!”), the 12-track physical CD release will be followed by its digital streaming counterpart via Cleopatra Records on Halloween. Basically what Skatenigs did during COVID-19 lockdown, all 12 tracks were written and recorded in fits and starts, between dayjob engagements and other responsibilities. Among the highlights: A steroid-enhanced, turbo-charged, 30th anniversary “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit Of Happiness” remake/remix of “Beers, Steers and Queers,” the Revolting Cocks hit featuring Owen’s vocals. The new version of “BSAQ” is essentially the original version, with new guitar work and other instrumental contributions from Skatenigs, plus some choice samples from Joe Exotic. “It’s gonna get real redneck,” promises Owen. The sprawling cast of special guests includes longtime cohort Chris Gates, of Austin punk legends Big Boys; Fear drummer Spit Stix; Worm Suicide singer Pablo Flores; Circle Jerks/Bad Religion guitarist Greg Hetson; and various and sundry members of Dwarves, KMFDM, Rob Zombie, Lords Of Acid, Ministry, and Thrill Kill Kult. What Could Go Wrong?: The latest installment of Skatenigs’ bid to make life more liveable.

Tim Stegall
Alternative Press and The Austin Chronicle
Austin, TX.
Oct. 2021