New Album out today!

What Could go Wrong?

Out today on all streaming platforms! CD available through bandcamp. Guest appearances @joythievesproductions @circlejerksband@weareministry@kmfdm_official@lordsofacid@pig_band_official@robzombieofficial@scumoftheearthofficial@thedwarves@junkyardhollywood@philiphanselmoandtheillegals@chantprojections@wednesday13@creedfisherofficial @revolting_cocks_fanpage @cleopatrarecords@armalyte_industries @joeexotic@tigerking #whatcouldgowrong#tigerking#joeexotic#industrialmusic#industrialpunk#industrialmetal#texaspunk See less

New video!!

Check out the new video for Hell and Back Again, directed and produced by Kelly Hurd.

Skatenigs Hot Sauce

Hell and Back Again habanero hot saucee ounces of pure hot sauce hellaciousness!!!

Skatenigs need a van to come destroy your town!

We know 2020 wasn’t easy on anyone
and we hate asking for handouts but here it is.

Last year we had shows booked and van
payments to make. As a result of shows being
cancelled, we lost our van. With no shows to
play and no finances in hand; we have decided to reach out for help.

Click here for our GoFund page

Thanks for your consideration!

Vinyl!!!!!! Order now and get it in time for the holidays!!!

Vinyl pre-orders are available through bandcamp NOW! Ships in time for the holidays. Click here to order. #skatenigs #bandcamp #stupidpeopleshouldntbreed #chemicalimbalance #aljourgensen #waxtraxrecords #industrialmusic #punkrock #texaspunk #skatepunk #makinglifelieable #revoltingcocks #vinylcollection

Skatenigs release new 2020 rendition of Revolting Cocks Classic

Skatenigs release new 2020 rendition of Revolting Cocks classic

New Song! Hell And Back Again

Here you go a song that has been on the burner for years but finally brought to fruition. Al Jourgensen and I wrote a song called Dead End Streets which Jello Biafra(Dead Kennedys) sang and Billy Gibbons(ZZ Top) and Rick Neilson (Cheap Trick)played on. It would be released on the Revolting Cocks album “Cocked and Loaded.” That version excluded the chorus and was musically completely different than my original vision. So here it is the way I have envisioned, the Skatenigs way!
The players are as follows Myke Bingham, Chris Ahrens and Adam Lamar on behalf of Skatenigs.
Special thanks to the guests players:
Riggs on guitar. You may know him from his project Scum of the Earth or remember him from Skrew and Rob Zombie.
Jason West(Wednesday 13, Murder Dolls and Sebastian Bach) on drums.

Recorded and mixed at Mosaic Sound Collective by Phil Owen and Chris Ahrens for Skatenigs Sound System.

We hope you enjoy or are disgusted by it because mediocrity sucks!

Your friend,

Phildo in new Ministry book.

So happy to have my quote included in the new Ministry book. #MINISTRYprescripture #skatenigs #phildo #revoltingcocks #lifelongfriends #ministryband #aljourgensen

INTERVIEW: Phil Owen of Skatenigs

INTERVIEW: Phil Owen of Skatenigs on Pigface, Wax Trax! History, & Future Plans for Making Life Livable:


Photo credit: Cody Powell for Powell Multimedia.