The SKATENiGS rose at the begining of the 90's from the midst of Austin, Texas hard-core scene by way of a conceptual idea entertained by Al Jourgensen of MiNiSTRY. They were a band of white, skating rappers, initially created to fill the support slot for MiNiSTRY. The original line-up featured Phil Owen on vocals, Billy Jackson and Chris Chambers sharing guitar duties, Lance Von Moulder playing bass, and Keith Daily on drums. The lead singer Phil Owens (a.k.a. Phildo)  sang on the now legendary REVOLTiNG COCKS' "Beers, Steers and Queers" and Chris Chambers worked on remixed version of the same track. The band supported the REVOLTiNG COCKS on their tour and gained huge sucess with their first single; "Chemical Imbalance" (1991.), which also featured a spoken word by Lorri Jackson. Shortly after, the "Loudspeaker" (1992.) single was released. In the same year the SKATENiGS recorded their first full length album, "Stupid People Shouldn't Breed", which contained both singles.

After some personell changes, SKATENiGS surfaced with their second album, "What A Mangled Web We Leave". The release followed after the "Regret" single, and also introduced Wendy Nelson on keyboards. They were both recorded somewhere in the 1994. So far, only these two full-length albums were released before constant personnel changes and failure to achieve commercial success fragmented the band.

So, what and where are they now?
According to various sources, lead singer Phil Owen lives in Austin and is the frontman for two bands, SAWED-OFF and CHOREBOY. He has also done production/remix work for SKREW, THE X-COPS and PiGFACE, and is said to be working on new project called SNOW BLACK. The rumors are that SKATENiGS' guitar player Billy Jackson resides in Dallas where he rides mountain bikes with his girlfriend (still, i don't know how correct this info is). As for the other original members, no one knows.

As far as the rumors goes, it  is said that former metal/industrial label Megaforce Records will be returning soon (how soon is that?) as Megaforce 2000, and that negotiations are underway for the debut release from the label to be a live album from the SKATENiGS, titled "Skatenigs 2000 : A Few Beers Label". The 'NiGS, meanwhile, are continuing to work on their next studio effort; "The Money Shot". Don't you just looove the rumors? Wish someone could confirm that last one. Anyone?

Lorri Jackson
Spoken word on Chemical Imbalance (R.I.P.)